Sustainability at OKULEN

Sustainability has many facets for us at OKULEN®. It is about how we as a company take responsibility for our product, for our location, for the environment and climate and for the people who work for us. We would like to give you a brief insight into how we implement sustainability in the various areas of the company today. We are on our way - and not just since yesterday.


In production, in the company

We focus on the processes in our company. From production to shipping to the office, we continue to optimise in terms of sustainability. Some examples:

98% Recycling

Plastic waste is our raw material: Ever since the company was founded in 1977, we have been reprocessing 98% of our chips, scraps (and partly also those of our customers). Every year, we produce 2.600 tonnes of semi-finished plastic products from reclaimed material.

Manufacture without intermediate transports

Manufactured in-house from a single source: Thanks to the high vertical range of manufacture from powder to the finished drawing part, unnecessary (intermediate) transports can be avoided.

Use waste heat

We use the waste heat generated during heating via an integrated heat recovery system.

Produce solar energy

We generate about 340.000 kWh per year for our production via our own photovoltaic systems - and the trend is rising, because more systems are in the planning stage.

Intelligent logistics

We bundle regional and overseas shipments for customers. In this way, we save on travel. Where possible, we use EURO pallets that are used again and again.

Paperless office

Okulen is digital. In the office, we reduce printouts as much as possible and work paperless - this saves resources.

Certified energy management system

We are regularly audited according to DIN EN 16247-1.

Finished parts



With our products

For our products themselves, quality and durability are important to us. In addition, their use often leads to further effects for our customers that help to achieve more sustainability.

2 to 3-fold service life

Example tipping body: Due to the high wear resistance of the plastic, abrasion is reduced by 50 to 60% compared to conventional bodies made of aluminum - that alone pays off quickly. Add to this the daily savings through reduced unloading times and fewer empty runs. In concrete terms, this means that a body lined with OKUSLIDE® has a service life 2 to 3 times longer than a conventional aluminum tipping body.

No or significantly less lubricant necessary

Example truck couplings:
Completely without greasing and oiling: Thanks to the self-lubricating properties of PE, external lubricants can be dispensed with. Example: Greasing of truck fifth wheels is no longer necessary due to the integration of sliding plates made of PE-UHMW.

Save energy,

reduce CO2

Example skating rink:
Depending on the weather, an average of about 4000 kWh per month is needed to operate a classic ice rink of about 100 m². In comparison, the synthetic rink scores points and reduces the energy expenditure considerably.




In the workforce

OKULEN® is an employer and partner that can be relied on in the long term - this is also an important aspect of sustainability for us. In addition, we are happy to encourage and support our employees in making their everyday work more sustainable.

Shaping cohesion

We are a family business and an active part of our city and region. We are happy to play a social role. We support Ottenstein associations that work for the common good, especially with youth work.


Support engagement

Of course, we support voluntary work by our employees, for example in the volunteer fire brigade.

Being a reliable employer

Our employees can regularly take part in further training. We are a reliable employer - for young employees as well as for experienced colleagues, the fluctuation is low and the staff is mixed.

Enable work-life balance

We are open to different working time models so that work, family and life can be reconciled. We also allow home office work.

Push cycling

Many employees come from here and cycle to work. We support this with the JobRad and promote the purchase of an e-bike for the ride to work.

Promote inclusion

We care partnerships to social enterprises and work together with workshops for disabled people, for example.

Train the next generation

We offer training in various professions such as industrial clerk, industrial mechanic, electronics technician for industrial engineering and machining mechanic. In this way, we are making a strong case for the next generation and creating future prospects, also for our company.

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